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Facebook Lead ads have been around for a while and they can help you with a variety of marketing objectives. I have implemented this Facebook marketing strategy for startups across a number of different niches, I remember working for a company that designed Facebook ads for £99 a month. They guaranteed the customer a whole leap of business.

This guarantee was worth nothing, because Ads cannot guarantee you business.

What it can do is help you to know your customer better.

If your objective on Facebook is to increase conversion, gather market research or increase conversion. Facebook lead ads could be the one for you.


In a nutshell, it’s a promoted form that allows business owners to capture details while at the same time, giving you an opportunity to connect with your audience through giving them something back…competition prize, newsletter subscription, or demo requests.

So, if someone was to click on your lead ad they would be presented with a form that’s pre-populated with information from their Facebook profile. They complete it and then the information is there for you to use in your business.

One of the best lead ad campaigns I was involved in managing was for a photography business that was trying to collect leads during the pandemic in the London area. The campaign was targeted at people whose status on Facebook were down as ‘Engaged’. The competition was a free photoshoot worth over £300. The result: Over a 120 people provided their details in order to be in a chance to win. Not only were the business able to generate information from their client base, they could use in future marketing, they also had over 100 potential leads.

The great thing about Facebook lead Ads is it is optimised for mobile users, which gives you a better chance to get a response compared to people who use Facebook on their desktop. Another advantage is the generated leads can be sync directly with your CRM Customer relationship management system.

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Creating Facebook lead ad.

  1. Go to Ad manager.
  2. Click CREATE in top Left corner.
  3. Choose LEAD generation
  4. Name your campaign.
  5. Choose the page you plan to use for the lead ad.
  6. Agree terms and conditions.
  7. Choose your target audience, placements, budget and schedule.
  8. Select lead ad formats.
  9. Add a headline, body copy and call to action. Start filling out the sections
  10. Click finish and Confirm

Do you want to convert?

Provide something for your customer so they are willing to give you their personal information. I know business that have offered full training programmes, money, e-books, whitepapers and all rots of things that have enticed customers to part with their information.

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That means keep it simple stupid. Keep the number of questions to a minimal. The more questions you have, the less likely they will fill out the form. I’m guilty of leaving questionnaires, so imagine if you do the same, your customer is likely to do the same.


If the questions that Facebook are providing does not pique your interest. CREATE CUSTOM questions for your form that stimulate.


Your audience should align with your outcomes. Don’t fall into the trap of targeting everyone because it gives you a bigger reach. You will just waste your money and ruin the campaign.

Focus on:

  • People near you — You can define your search when you are creating your ad.
  • Custom audiences — From people who have liked your page.
  • LOOKALIKE audiences — you can create a lookalike audience from your custom audience.


Contact the customers that have taken the time to complete your forms. You can call, message them or email them. Whatever details you have on hand, do it as quickly as possible. The quicker you respond, the more likely that lead will convert to potentially into something else, possibly a sale.


I don’t know anyone that has done an ad and it has been a success without any tweaking. All the companies have run at least two or more ads. It gives you a perspective on what’s working and what isn’t. You can run ads with different length to measure which one is being completed.

Facebook lead ad will not guarantee you business, but it definitely allow you to know your customers better and potentially convert the knowledge into business.

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